Mini-Rant: TicketMaster and AEW

Look at this graphic. LOOK AT IT. It is a thing of beauty.

AEW advert for Will Ospreay vs Bryan Danielson

I’ll be there, but I’m still slightly grumpy, and that’s because of this picture that is somewhat less attractive:

Ticketmaster Logo

I get more than enough email already, so I wasn’t on any AEW mailing lists. Immediately (like, within five minutes of my boy Avery letting me know this was happening) signed up for several of their spam-o-mats. They sent out presale codes… a few hours after the posted “this is when the presale starts” time. By which time, bots had guessed all the codes and bought out the floor and most of the first tier seats worth having.

(Bought a second-level ticket anyway, because Chaifetz is not that big. Second-level was pretty good for Nine Inch Nails, but to be fair their stage is somewhat larger than a wrestling ring…)

That was Wednesday. Here we are on Saturday, looking for an upgrade, probably from one of the aforementioned bots, and saw this:

First row of the first tier! Still in prime “get your dumb sign on PPV and eventually on Botchamania” territory! And Ticketmaster won’t let me buy it, because I don’t want to buy two seats, and the computer won’t let you leave a single seat all by itself.

Ticketmaster’s continuing inability to run a competent business, yet somehow maintain its near-monopoly position on ticketing, will never not amaze and horrify me.

Mini-Rant: TicketMaster and AEW

A Tale of Three Anti-Viruses

The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) has a lot of options for scanning “content” (whatever that means, I think it’s a fancy way of saying Web pages) to make sure it doesn’t contain any malware. No viruses, no pop-up ad machines, things like that. And on the surface, that’s all well and good. Defense in depth, because you should also have some sort of anti-malware on your workstation too (as soon as you take your machine home with you for the evening, you’re probably no longer protected by the proxy).

Someone has to set the darn thing up, though. Continue reading “A Tale of Three Anti-Viruses”

A Tale of Three Anti-Viruses